How Can Flyer Marketing Help Startups?

The Internet is drowning in ads. The digital ad market is expected to be worth more than $300 billion by the year 2025. This may seem like a sad state of affairs for print marketing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Paper marketing still has an important role to play in your advertising strategies. It has advantages that digital media will never enjoy. And one of the best and easiest ways to achieve this is with flyer marketing.

Flyers excel more than anything as a component of your startup marketing. Keep reading as we discuss why you need flyers to promote your startup.

Flyer Marketing Is Affordable

Right off the bat, a startup’s main concern is budgetary. The vast majority of startups rely on a significant initial investment to get the gears turning. This forces new business owners to play a delicate budgetary balancing game, especially as startup investments begin to dip.

Marketing is a necessary element that you can’t do without, but it can get expensive. Paying for ad impressions and TV spots quickly eats into even the best budgets. That’s where paper advertising shines.

Printing on the whole is very cheap. A big stack of flyers is well within the budget of any startup business. And when you want advertising that gives you the biggest bang for your buck, this is it.

Flyers save startups a lot of money while still having an effective marketing campaign. Dollar for dollar, it’s cheaper than PPC ads and Facebook ads. Yet unlike those types of digital ads, it last longer and can be passed around.

It’s More Memorable

In the past, paper advertising was the norm. It was the classifieds, the lost and founds nailed to telephone poles. Then digital advertising came along.

Now think of our current digital world. Everywhere you go, there are ads in your face. YouTube, Facebook, and even your banking app are shoving them down your throat from sunup until sundown.

This has led to a curious phenomenon known as banner blindness. People begin to subconsciously ignore advertisements after seeing them everywhere. It has forced researchers to come up with creative ways to counter it.

But there is one thing people do not see on a regular basis: flyers. Since this medium has become less popular in recent decades, people are no longer desensitized to paper advertising. Now is a better time than ever to put it to use.

Every startup is fighting for its life to leave a lasting impression on customers. By using flyers, you are going to stand out from the ocean of physical media. That may just be enough to cement your company’s name in the minds of potential customers.

It’s Tactile

If you want to connect with people, you need to engage their senses. People want stimulation in the form of sights, sounds, and tastes. Successful advertising tries to activate as many sensations as it possibly can.

Problem is, digital advertising can only activate two: sight and hearing. Unsurprisingly, it has led to a sense of distance between people and their digital media.

People long for physical things that they can hold in their hands. It’s for this reason that many refuse to succumb to the era of streaming music. They cling to their old CDs and cassette tapes rather than enjoy the convenience of Spotify.

This points to the fact that people in the modern age are deprived of tactile experiences. A flyer gives them just that.

They can feel the paper in their hand and run their fingers over its texture. They can fold it up and put it in their pocket for later. It’s not all that far away from the special feeling you get when you open a book.

Again, a startup succeeds when it sets itself apart from the competition. Flyers from your print services mark you out among a morass of similar products and services.

It Spreads Your Reach and Reinforces Branding

Modern advertising does have its advantages. Thanks to targeted ads, advertisements are no longer random. People receive advertisements specific to their needs and wants.

Yet while this is very effective for the online world, it does nothing for the real world. People are starting to turn to minimalism. They want more detachment from their devices, more time away from TikTok and Netflix.

Many are ignoring ads for an entirely different reason: privacy concerns. They resent the mass collection of data, and use ad blockers to cut ads out of their lives. This means there is a large portion of people who may never see your online adverts.

Flyers can reach all those individuals who prefer a digitally minimalist lifestyle. Whether they are young or old, they are likely more amenable to accepting a flyer as a handout.

Your branding gets strong with the addition of this physical medium, too. It’s an excellent way to cement yourself in your particular industry.

It’s Easy to Scale Up and Down

As your startup grows, so will your needs. Your marketing may expand in numbers, or to new areas. You may experience sudden spikes in business that require you to hire a ton of new staff.

It’s crucial for startups as well as other companies to be able to scale up or down to demand. And notably, you want to be able to do so at speed. 

Flyers are perhaps one of the easiest things to scale. If your needs increase, you simply print more, and if they decrease, you print less. It’s that simple.

As we mentioned concerning budgetary reasons, printing a few extras won’t hurt you. You can always put the excess in storage and pull it out later when you need it.

Make Flyers with Thumbtack Bugle

Flyer marketing may seem like an old dinosaur, but that is not the case at all. Print marketing has and always will have a place in marketing, especially given the problems with digital advertising. It’s a budget-friendly option that scales and provides an experience digital marketing can never hope to replicate.

Thumbtack Bugle helps with print marketing for your needs. We distribute to San Francisco, Stanford, Berkeley, and many more. Visit us here for help with designing and distributing your flyer to the San Francisco Bay Area.