How to Ask San Francisco Shops if You Can Hang Your Business Posters

San Francisco’s metropolitan area plays a pivotal role in the US and global economy, with a $501 billion GDP. If you’re looking for a piece of the pie, then local marketing and advertising are key. One way you can spread the word about your company is with business posters. But how do you ask other shops to hang your flyers in their establishments? 

This helpful guide explains the best way to approach poster advertising, so be sure to keep reading for information every business owner needs to know. 

Form Connections

Begin by forming connections with local businesses, especially if you shop local. Introduce yourself when you visit and talk about your business ventures and how they aid the community. 

You can also join local groups on social media to meet other business owners, or consider attending Chamber of Commerce meetings. Once you establish relationships, you can ask to hang your posters in their shops.

It’s important to understand that as a business owner, your time is valuable, and forging these new connections can be time-consuming. Instead, you could work with a company that markets on your behalf, saving you time and energy. 

Speak to the Person in Charge

You can form connections with local shops, but not everyone has the decision-making power to hang business flyers. You should familiarize yourself with the hiring manager or owner and speak to them directly about your wild posting campaign.

However, if you approach a large business, you don’t want to overshoot the mark and go all the way to the top when you need to speak to someone in management. Familiarize yourself with the chain of command for each business, and speak to the appropriate personnel. 

How Is Your Business Mutually Beneficial?

If you’re looking to hang flyers in a local shop, you should present them with a list of ways that your business is mutually beneficial. 

For example, are you a wedding planner? If you hang flyers in a florist’s shop, you could explain that you’ll recommend your clients use their services for wedding flowers. 

You could also discuss providing establishments with a small percentage of any revenue you bring in from referrals. 

Are you on social media and do you have a significant number of followers? You can offer to post about the business you’re asking to hang your flyers. 

Have a list of mutually beneficial reasons prepared before you meet with other businesses in San Francisco. 

Type a Formal “Ask” Letter

Instead of walking into a business unannounced, you might consider preparing an “ask” letter. Explain what your business offers and why hanging your flyers is a smart option for another business owner. You could visit shops in San Francisco, introduce yourself, and hand out your “ask” letter for owners and managers to review at their discretion. 

Be sure to ask if you can arrange a meeting and include your contact information. Always be humble and polite and leave aggressive sales pitches out. 

Bring Samples of Your Work

Are you a baker looking to hang flyers for your gluten-free business? If so, consider baking and bringing samples of your work to all the businesses you’d like to hang flyers. When local shops see what you’re capable of and have a tangible product to review, they’re more inclined to let you hang posters and flyers. 

You should also bring your flyers with you so prospective businesses can see what you’re interested in hanging in their establishments. They might let you hang them right there on the spot!

Offer Your Services for a Discounted Price

You can sweeten the pot by offering a discounted rate on your services to any business that allows you to hang flyers. Look for businesses that would benefit from your particular services, and offer them a discount in exchange for helping you promote your brand. 

Remember to choose a discount that allows you to make money on your services, so have this percentage calculated ahead of time. 

The drawback to this is that you’re now sharing a part of your proceeds with local businesses. If you’re looking to keep all your profits, then you should hire a professional poster distribution service

Do Your Research

Don’t just enter a business without knowing anything about it. This comes across as disingenuous. Research the businesses you want to hang your flyers and personalize your approach.

If there’s something that stands out about their business, be sure to share it. Let them know why you’d like to hang your posters in their establishment and what sets them apart from other businesses. 

Be Upfront

When asking a business to hang your posters, don’t beat around the bush. Be upfront with your ask so they know where you stand from the get-go.

If you wait until the end of a conversation to explain that you’re looking to hang posters in their store, it looks like a bait and switch. Always let businesses know your intentions from the beginning of your interaction. 

It’s important to understand that there’s a fine line between being upfront and being pushy. This is why you need professionals to distribute your flyers for you— they know what to say and who to speak to. 

Don’t Ask for Immediate Meetings

When contacting businesses to set up meetings, don’t ask for them the next day. This looks like an aggressive sales pitch, and most businesses are busy and have their schedules booked up for weeks or even months. 

Instead, offer a list of available dates and times that work for you and the business you’re looking to hang your posters at. Be as accommodating as possible. 

Keep in mind that local businesses are often approached by solicitors. However, when you hire a professional to market your business for you, you stand a greater chance of success without having to expend the energy. 

Although you can advertise on your own, it’s often expensive and time-consuming and isn’t the best use of your time as a business owner. This is where Thumbtack Bugle comes into play. 

We specialize in guerilla marketing and will distribute your posters for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the success. 

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