How to Use Door Hangers for San Francisco Business Marketing

Did you know that San Francisco’s small businesses make up more than 93% of the city’s business sector?

When trying to promote your small business, door hanger marketing is a low-cost and effective way to do so. But how can you use door hangers to your benefit?

If you’re curious about door hanger marketing, we’re here to help. Here are some tips on how to make your business door hanger campaign excel.

What Are Door Hangers?

To begin, what are door hangers, and why should you use them?

You’ve likely encountered door hangers whether you knew their name or not. A door hanger is a small sign that people hang on door knobs as an advertisement. While these usually take the form of a cardboard sign, they’re made of several materials.

These hangers are inexpensive, easy to distribute, and simple to read. You can advertise to hundreds of people just by walking down a hallway in an apartment complex.

Practice Your Distribution

One of the first steps to perfecting your door hanger marketing is to consider where you’re placing them. Should you place hangers on every door in an apartment complex’s hallway?

You should research your demographics and place them where they’d appeal to the most people. Placing them in common areas such as lobbies or waiting rooms can get the hanger thrown away!

Instead, place them on the doors of people that fit your business. The doors of houses with yards are great for a business focused on lawn care. Placing the same door hanger on doors in an apartment complex without private yards is a waste of time and money.

However, it’s important to know where you can and can’t place a door hanger. Cities have strict regulations on door hangers and advertisements.

Another thing to consider is that door hangers cannot be placed in mailboxes. Other modes of advertisement, such as flyers, are more versatile and usable in more areas. Flyers are also cheaper, making them a strong alternative to door hangers.

Make Your Hangers Useful

Are you worried your customers will see your hanger and throw it away without reading it? Unfortunately, this is a common issue and one that most people engage in. The same problem occurs with most flyers.

You can counteract people’s desire to throw your hangers away by making them useful. Consider thematic ways to make your hangers useful instead of something to chuck in the recycling bin.

For example, are you using your door hangers to promote a book-centric business? Style your hangers as small bookmarks so that your customers keep the ad! Not only will they keep your hanger, but they’ll also associate your business with something helpful.

Hire Professionals

Placing door hangers isn’t as simple as dropping the hangers on a door knob and waiting for business. You’ll waste time and resources if you distribute your hangers without researching the proper factors.

Hiring professionals is an excellent way to get your hangers out quickly and effectively. A professional marketing team can help you research where to place the flyers, how many to make, and other details.

Following this choice will free you up to focus on other factors of your business. Let the professionals handle your advertising so you can keep your hands busy somewhere else.

Track Responses

What do you do when your advertisement isn’t useful? How do you know that you aren’t wasting your time?

The best way to know such metrics is to keep track of your advertising campaigns. You should find a way to see how many people are paying attention to your flyers.

Consider returning to where you placed the door hangers to see how many are still hanging. Did the residents ignore or throw away your door hanger?

Another strong choice is to give a promotional code on your hangers. Guests that use this code may receive a discount or gift.

Not only will this promote your business, but it will also help track how useful your door hangers are. If no one comes to use the code, you can write the hangers off as a failure. Learn from this campaign and apply the lessons to your next try!

Prepare Your Speech

The most common area to place your door hangers is on the door to a residential area. Because of this location, you’ll likely run into people that will want a conversation.

You should prepare yourself to give an explanation and overview of your company and product. Stay ready to talk about your advertisement and why you’re leaving a door hanger.

Doing so can stop you from having an awkward experience where someone stops you to see who you are. If you’re in the residential spaces for a college, locals may want to know why you’re walking around their homes.

Additionally, these customers will enjoy having a face-to-face with a representative. Door hangers are excellent, but a personal connection is often more effective. Prepare yourself to convert a resident into a customer!

Employ Simplicity

Finally, you should consider what customers will want to read. Your door hanger shouldn’t have long paragraphs of advertisement and copy on them.

Instead, use a simple door hanger design. Consider a small infographic and let your customers get all the information at a glance.

A design like this will make your customers able to understand what you’re advertising much quicker. They’re more likely to remember your advertisement if it was simple and easy to recall. Keep your designs simplistic to reel in more customers!

Using the Perfect Door Hangers

Using door hangers for your marketing campaign is a great way to advertise cheaply and efficiently.

Research the part of San Francisco you’re advertising in to make sure that you aren’t wasting your time and effort! Keep your designs simple and use professionals to bring your door hanger marketing to the next level.

For more information on how to start the perfect San Francisco marketing campaign, contact us at Thumbtack Bugle today.