Why Flyers on Bulletin Boards Are Better Than Door Hangers

This article will show you why you need to use bulletin board flyers over door hangers. Read on. 

70% of businesses market their business online. 20% of them use social media marketing tactics. Around half of them have some form of mobile app. 

You may want to jump on the online marketing bandwagon with them. But is that the best tactic? You may have better success going in the analog direction. 

The more that companies market online, the less they’ll market in physical space. So if you use more traditional marketing methods, you’ll have less competition. 

But which physical marketing tactic should you use? . 

What Is a Bulletin Board? 

Many people believe that internet forums have replaced bulletin boards. But this isn’t true. You can still find these large rectangular pieces of cork, felt, or metal in many places. 


To know what they’re for, you only have to look at what’s hanging on them. Many people and businesses will pin flyers, business cards, and more on these boards. They do this so they can look for workers, provide information, and advertise products and services for sale. 

How to Use 

They can also provide you with an easy method to advertise your business. All you have to do is get the best flyers. Then you can take them up with all the other advertisements. 

What Are Flyers? 

Flyers are paper marketing tools. The lowest quality ones are cheap pieces of paper that creators can print at local libraries, printing stores, etc. The highest quality ones, typically made by flyer printing companies, are glossy and full of color. 


Businesses, organizations, and other entities will use them for a variety of purposes. They can advertise events and promote products or services, for instance. Religious organizations and activist groups may use flyers to spread awareness. 

Distribution Methods 

You can often spot people distributing flyers in the street. But this isn’t the only method that people can use to distribute flyers. Marketers will also mail flyers, put them under car wipers, and stick them on poles, walls, bulletin boards, or other surfaces. 

Digital Flyers 

Digital flyers, which are digital image files of flyers, also exist. Marketers will distribute these on the internet in various ways. They may e-mail them or post them on their social media pages. 

These types of flyers can benefit marketers by saving them from paying for paper. But, as mentioned, there’s a lot of competition on the internet. It may be difficult for potential customers to see a business’s flyer amidst all the digital noise. 

What Are Door Hangers? 

A door hanger is a form of sign typically made of plastic or cardboard. Door hanger creators will cut these signs so that they can hang on a door knob or handle. They’re usually rectangular, but creative marketing companies may create ones in unique shapes. 

How They’re Used 

Advertising companies will often print out door hangers and then distribute them to houses and/or office buildings. Workers will hang them on the knobs or handles of the front doors of these places.

Ideally, a building occupant will see the door hanger and remove it. When they do, they’ll see the advertising message. 

Door Hanger Problems 

Many cities have by-laws against door-hanger advertisements. This is often the case because door hangers can inform a potential thief that a house or building is unoccupied. When a building occupant isn’t around, a door hanger will stay in place for a long time. 

People may also feel annoyed by the intrusiveness of the advertisement. They may throw the door hanger away as soon as they take it off the door. 

Why Flyers on Bulletin Boards Are Better 

Including the door hanger problems above, there are also many other reasons why bulletin board flyers are better than door hangers. Consider the following benefits: 

Stays for a Bit

There’s a major problem with handing out flyers in the street. People may throw away flyers soon after they take them. This doesn’t always happen, but it is a risk of handing out flyers in the street. 

This won’t happen if a marketer pins a flyer to a bulletin board. Building owners will probably throw them away eventually. But before that happens, they’ll stay on that bulletin board for a fair amount of time. 

Multiple People See Them 

While that flyer is there, multiple people will see it. This will have quite a different effect than a single person seeing a door hanger. Businesses will get far more potential customers from a single flyer on a bulletin board. 

Another thing to consider is that it isn’t necessary to print piles of flyers. Businesses can get the effect of several street flyers from a single bulletin board flyer. So they can save on the costs of printing hundreds of flyers by printing only twenty or so. 

Isn’t Annoying 

The general public knows about and accepts bulletin boards. If they didn’t, bulletin boards probably wouldn’t be around anymore. But you can still find them in shops, restaurants, theaters, etc. 

People who go to look at bulletin boards know they’re going to get advertised to. Many may even look at bulletin boards to search for a certain advertisement. Others will glance at bulletin boards as they walk by. 

Whatever the case, people shouldn’t feel like a business isn’t intruding. So businesses won’t have to deal with the negative feelings people might feel about an intrusive door hanger. 

Try Our Flyer Printing Services 

So, in summary, bulletin board flyers are your friends. They can help you attract more people than door hangers. They’re also not dangerous or annoying to people. 

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