What Makes a Good Business Poster? 5 Characteristics Explained

Does your business have an upcoming event that you would like to promote?

You’ll obviously be more than welcome to advertise it online. You can utilize social media marketing to spread the word about it.

But you shouldn’t stop there. You should also consider designing a business poster and printing it out so that you can hang it up all over the place in the Bay Area. This might be an even more effective way to tell people about the event that you have on the horizon.

If you decide to go in this direction, you’ll just need to make sure you create the most eye-catching poster possible. It’ll need to have a good poster design and include all the most important business poster elements.

So, what exactly makes a great business poster? There are five characteristics you’ll need it to embody. Learn more about these business poster fundamentals below.

1. Impossible to Miss

From the second you hang a business poster up, people should take notice of it. They shouldn’t walk right by it without even realizing that it’s there.

There are several things you can do to make sure you have an eye-catching poster on your hands. First and foremost, you should make your business poster the right size so that it stands out in this regard.

You should also incorporate the right colors into your business poster. A black-and-white poster is going to be easy for people to miss. You don’t necessarily need to make hot pink, but it should feature colors that are going to attract plenty of attention.

2. Easy to Read

The size of your business poster and the colors you use on it should make it stand out in the crowd. But all this attention isn’t going to do you much good if people aren’t able to make out what the business poster says from a distance.

For this reason, you’re going to need to be sure that every single word on your business poster is easy to read. This will start with you choosing the right font for your poster.

Believe it or not, there are well over 200,000 fonts in the world today. You should experiment with different fonts to see which one looks the best on your business poster.

You should also try not to cram too many words onto your business poster. The more words you stick on it, the smaller they’re going to have to be, and that could result in many people not being able to read them.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

There is another reason why you shouldn’t try to shoehorn too many words onto a business poster. When you do this, it’s going to make your poster look cramped, and it won’t be aesthetically pleasing at all.

An aesthetically pleasing business poster is going to leave more than enough extra space on it by not including too many words. It’s also going to include a few other visual components like pictures, drawings, and your business logo.

Your goal is going to be to feature as many of these kinds of visual components as you can without overdoing it and ruining your good poster design. Each of them will serve as a potential entry point for people walking by your business poster, and you never know which one will end up catching their eyes.

4. Very Informative

You’re going to want to do whatever it takes to use a business poster to make a strong first impression on people. That should help draw them in and make them want to check out your poster further.

At that point, you’re going to need to give them something they can really sink their teeth into. This should be whatever information it is that you would like people to take away from your poster.

Maybe your business is getting ready to have a big sale on a particular date and time. You should put information about this sale on your poster along with all the necessary details.

Maybe your business is preparing to hold a special event on a certain date and time. Once again, you should have info about this event on your poster so that people can digest it and choose whether they would like to attend.

5. Convincing Call to Action

A great business poster is going to inspire those who see it to want to take some kind of action. More often than not, you’ll want to encourage people to show up for the event that you’re promoting on your poster.

But you might also want to try to motivate them to visit your website, follow you on social media, or even contact you directly for more information about an event. It’s why you should give thought to including a call to action somewhere on your business poster, preferably toward the bottom of it.

This call to action is really going to come in handy when it comes to determining how successful a business poster was. You’ll be able to gauge its success based on how many people took the action you requested.

Let Us Help You Design the Perfect Business Poster

Designing a fantastic business poster might sound easy at first. But once you start trying to design a poster for your company, you’re going to see that it can be more challenging than you might think.

Thumbtack Bugle is here to help those who would like to create successful business posters in the Bay Area. We can help you design a business poster and figure out the best places to hang it up throughout the area to achieve maximum exposure.

Give us a call today to find out more about our business flyer and poster services.