7 Poster Design Ideas for Small Businesses

Recent studies show that you have less than a second to capture the audience’s attention on mobile devices. 

Online marketing is useful, but you still need to invest in print marketing with posters. Poster campaigns are affordable, effective, and fun to design if you aren’t afraid to get creative.

If you own a business that could benefit from more marketing, you must take time to research different poster design ideas. Keep reading to learn about how posters can help your company if you use a unique design! 

1. Modern Visuals 

One of the best poster design ideas you can try is modern, or minimalistic, visuals. 

The recycling industry often creates posters that are simple, but become more complex as you look further. Instead of using one photo or icon for your poster, you can crop them and place them in a modern style. 

Minimalistic marketing is often effective, but you want to be sure you’re giving the right message. You can work with our team of experts to share a modern visual that represents your brand and displays a message. 

Review our instructions for poster services so you don’t have to do all the marketing work alone! 

2. Create Infographics

Depending on your industry, products, or services, you may need to include various poster elements. 

Infographics are perfect for posters, they are easy to read and viewers can learn a lot with a small glance. It’s important to know your target audience for infographics, otherwise, they may go unnoticed.

Certain generations and groups will be drawn toward your info and you need to present it in a way they can understand. For example, if you want market cooking classes, you can display a pie chart that looks like a pie. You can show how many people feel nervous in the kitchen. 

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can place data, visuals, and graphs on the poster. Thumbtack Bugle teammates will ensure that your posters are hung in the best locations around the Bay Area. 

3. Nature – Inclusive

Coming up with meaningful poster designs can be tricky, especially when you are tackling a serious topic. 

Many companies are learning to use nature and the environment in marketing. By leaving cut-out spaces on posters, viewers can look through them without missing out on the scenery. This is a popular trend for billboards, especially if they are placed in front of water, trees, or mountains.

If you need help with your poster template and marketing campaign, look at our services for help. At Thumbtack Bugle, you can feel confident before sharing any marketing materials. Even without billboards, our team can find the best locations to place your posters. 

4. Bright & Vibrant 

No matter how engaging you think your poster is, if it doesn’t have color, it’ll get lost in a sea of flyers.

Colorful posters can help your business stand out from others, especially if you use uncommon colors. Red, green, and blue flyers are often hung with pride, but business owners are disappointed when no one notices them. 

Instead of using the standard colors, you can stand out with shades of purple, orange, and pink. Black and white can also be effective, but you don’t want your flyer to look like a legal document. 

Using a variety of colors can help draw attention from people passing by. If you plan to have Thumbtack Bugle post several posters in one location, be sure to mix the colors up! 

5. Inspired by the Theater 

If you have a big announcement or event coming up, you’ll need moving poster ideas. 

The movie and theater industries put many marketing attempts to shame. Theater posters are often framed because of their simple design. Not only do these poster elements include information, but they also display an image and share a message.

Whether you’re in a local theater or want to showcase a product, you can find templates and inspiration from film posters. Theater posters shouldn’t have too much wording but don’t forget to include your company name, location, or contact info. 

6. Brain Teasers & Riddles 

Sometimes, asking a good question can stop someone in their tracks. 

Companies are putting people’s knowledge to the test by including riddles and brain teasers on marketing posters. You’ll want to invest in the best marketing materials and check with your printing team to ensure that all poster elements are in the right place.

Riddles and teasers should be relevant to your target market. If you make them too easy or too difficult, it could impact your marketing message. 

7. Text Lingo

If you’re trying to connect with a younger audience, you may have better luck using their lingo. 

Texting terms and phrases can help you say a lot, but only use a few characters. Letters, symbols, and emojis are great for poster marketing since they are short and relatable for your audience. Texting lingo can make messages fun and encourage children to learn about your company too! 

Some states post signs showing a seatbelt buckle unlocked equaling a ticket. You can get creative with text lingo and even find ways to connect with older generations through SMS language. 

Implement Bold Poster Design Ideas in Your Community 

Even if you live in a small town, you still need to make waves with your marketing attempts. 

Relying on social media and the internet will only take your business so far. If you want to stand out from competitors and increase revenue, you need to develop marketing goals and host a campaign. At Thumbtack Bugle, you can get guidance while staying true to your brand’s image. We can help you distribute flyers, posters and postcards in San Francisco, Oakland and other Bay Area cities.

Be sure to view our sample work and discover how we can help your business place your poster design ideas in the best spots!